Get isometric point-and-click Beautiful Desolation free for a limited time


South African studio The Brotherhood, responsible for the much-loved sci-fi horror adventure game Stasis, followed it with Beautiful Desolation in 2020. Another isometric point-and-click adventure, Beautiful Desolation has you explore a dystopian post-apocalyptic “tribal punk” landscape full of giant scorpions, rocket-blasting robots, and nanite swarms. You’re on a personal mission, searching this world for your brother, but also making decisions that will shape the land in the future. It’s got some gorgeous art, and a soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon.

As part of its current summer sale, GOG is giving away Beautiful Desolation (opens in new tab) for free. You’ve got until 6am PST on Monday June 20 to add it to your account. 

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