Alien: Isolation studio Creative Assembly reveals its zero-G shooter, Hyenas


In 2018, a job listing from Alien: Isolation studio Creative Assembly let slip that it was working on a tactical first-person shooter (opens in new tab); the following year, the studio officially confirmed it (opens in new tab). And now, all these years later, we’re finally getting our first look at what the team has been up to: Hyenas is a “space piracy smash and grab” multiplayer FPS that pits five teams of three against each other in a quest to rob orbital shopping malls of booty picked from the bones of a broken Earth.

It’s the future, you see, and billionaires, having done what they do, are now comfortably encamped on Mars. The zero-G tech they used to get there has unfortunately done a bit of a number on the Earth (which presumably wasn’t in great shape to start with, or otherwise why would anyone bother going to Mars), leaving survivors to cling to existence in a floating slum called the Taint.

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