Counter-Strike’s famous Door Stuck video has been hijacked by copyright fraud


One of the most famous Counter-Strike videos of all time has been hit with the inevitable bogeyman of YouTube: Somebody’s copyright claimed it that doesn’t own it. The 35-second video has been a perennial joke in the CS scene since it was uploaded in 2007, and even has a spray in CS:GO dedicated to it. 

In the clip, a knife-swinging player trolls their teammate—who is rapping Snoop Dogg and Pharell’s Drop It Like It’s Hot into voice chat over a very grainy 2007 microphone. Following the other player around and swinging his knife, original uploader Kinetik001 gets them stuck in a door. They proceed to absolutely lose their mind and start yelling a lot, simply screaming “Door Stuck!” as all logic, reason, and capability fails them and they result to extremely 2007-era FPS insults. Both are subsequently killed by the enemy team, but not before the dude stuck in the door bags a kill.

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