Farthest Frontiers, a Banished-style survival citybuilder, is out in early access


There are many different kinds of townbuilders these days, but two of the most popular are “it’s a bit like Settlers,” and “it looks a bit like Settlers as a ruse but really it’s about everyone dying of cholera.” Farthest Frontier is the latter: a city management game from the makers of Grim Dawn where its picturesque exterior gives way to an interier that’s reminiscent of Banished.

As of today, Farthest Frontier is now in early access.

Here’s a trailer from back in February:

Farthest Frontier is a survival citybuilder, in which you’re less concerned with balancing an economy than keeping everyone alive through winter. Maps are randomly generated so you don’t know where resources are, and there are 14 types of resource you’ll need to find ways to gather or grow to keep your settlement ticking over, from stone and wood to wild herbs and honey. There are also 17 varietiest of food, including 10 crops.

There are also thieves to contend with, factions to trade and fight with, and the aforementioned diseases to stave off.

According to its Steam page, Farthest Frontier will be in early access for 8-12 months. Crate Entertainment say they plan to expand its late-game most, with “additional tier of housing, more consumer goods and production buildings, and new ways to extend extraction of resources like stone, ore, etc, after initial sources have been depleted.” They reckon all the core systems and features work already and there are “20+ hours of gameplay” to be had.

If all this sounds like your type of settlement sim, you can grab Farthest Frontier for £25/€29.

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