Indie Retro News: Bomb Jack Beer Edition


I should be going to bed but this was too good not to pass on by, as recently GeezerGames has announced through his website, that the previously released game of ‘Bomb Jack Beer Edition’, which was my personal choice for game of the year for the Amiga, has been given a very special update! Yes indeed if you loved playing this unofficial version of the game which was almost as good as the Arcade. Then it now features far better audio, and game play tweaks such as the speed at which Jack moves which is now closer to the arcade game.

Yet again Bomb Jack has appeared in our news feeds; a classic Arcade game from 1984 which required you the hero to collect all the red bombs on the screen to save historic places of interest while also avoiding deadly enemies such as birds and mummies! While the game did appear on the Amiga, the Bomb Jack Beer Edition is one of the best unofficial versions of the game, and even more so than many of the other official ports released back in the day.


  • Code: mcgeezer
  • GFX Rips: mcgeezer
  • Audio: JMD (Release from 2018)
  • Audio: DJ MeTune (Release from 2022)

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