Spider-Man Remastered mods let you play as Kermit, Saul Goodman, Elsa and more


Have you ever fancied swinging about New York City as Kermit? Or Elsa? If yes, you’re in luck.

It’s been a hot while since my first mod round-up for Spider-Man Remastered.

Since then, more modders have shared their work on Nexus Mods. Here are some more mods which put people who have no business being in Spider-Man into Spider-Man.

Watch Digital Foundry’s tech review of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC.

First up we have TangoTeds’s Kermit creation. It’s slightly bizarre to see a human-sized Kermit standing next to regular sized people in-game, I won’t lie. Talk about The Muppets Take Manhatten…

Kermit’s head looks bigger than those people’s shoulders.

Kratos is everywhere these days. Following on from his brief stint as a Microsoft exclusive, he’s made his way back to the realm of PlayStation with the help of modder luqasyre.

Kratos mod for Spider Man Remastered
Is it weird that I could see Kratos with this sort of moveset in God of War?

It’s morbin’ time according to HiBlakkes, who has added Morbius in his vampiric form to the game. There has to be some sort of irony in Morbius, a film that absolutely bombed on release, then got ripped to shreds online, which prompted its re-release only to flop again, being paid tribute to in a Spider Man game. Sony should DEFINITELY take notes and DEFINITELY release a Morbius game which we will all DEFINITELY buy.

Morbius mod for Spider Man Remastered PC
A horrifying sight, though perhaps not as bad as paying to watch Morbius from beginning to end.

I’ve counted two Saul Goodman mods. The first mod, by Arturvitormb, uses the Saul Goodman model ripped from the mobile game Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. I’m guessing that the second mod, by MolePatrol, is some sort of texture swap because Saul is looking kind of spindly yet muscular.

Saul Goodman mod for Spider Man Remastered PC
Look at my lawyer, dawg, I’m going to jail.

You know what they say. If you can’t beat them, join them. Or be them, in this case with a Matt from Wii Sports mod by HiBlakkes. Matt appears how he does in Wii Sport’s boxing, and he’s just as menacing on the streets as he is in the ring. At least this time, you get to play as him.

Matt from Wii Sports in Spider Man Remastered
I can understand why everyone is standing back. He’s a strong fella.

Modder Sub2Rhys has transported 90s Japanese mascot Pepsiman to modern New York. Pepsiman also shoots Pepsi cans instead of webs, which fits the narrative of Pepsiman appearing to those in need of a fizzy drink.

Pepsiman mod in Spider Man Remastered PC
Take a sip, babes.

The wildest Spider-Man Remastered mod we’ve seen so far is this Elsa mod from huckleberrypie. And by wildest, I mean led us down a never-ending rabbit hole of internet culture. The mod looks really good in this video. Just um, follow huckleberrypie’s advice and don’t look up Elsagate.

Elsa mod in Spider Man Remastered PC
The New York cold never bothered me anyway.

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