Battlefield 2042 has a dark mode for flashbangs


Every few months, someone points out that videogame lamps use real electricity, and another round of people go “huh, I guess that is true, isn’t it?” It shouldn’t be a surprising observation, because displaying anything on a screen requires electricity (with caveats (opens in new tab)), and yet there’s an eeriness to the idea. It’s slightly strange when virtual worlds seem to cross into the physical world like that. I don’t know if there’s a term for the phenomenon, so I’ll call it “glure,” which stands for “game lamps use real electricity.” (Be glad I didn’t go with “ludolūcēs consonance” or something.)

Battlefield 2042’s second season introduces another common glure effect. The culprit is also light source: concussion grenades. Like similar grenades in other games (stun grenades, flashbangs, etc), they turn the screen white to simulate exposure to a bright flash. What makes it a glure is that the brightness of the white screen can over-stimulate the actual player’s eyes, causing the virtual flashbang to act like a real flashbang, albeit an extremely weak one. (All you need to know about the real deal is that their brightness is measured in “megacandelas.”)

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