Diablo Immortal players are being ‘stripped of third-party orbs’, leading to huge debts


Diablo Immortal players who purchased orbs from third-party sites are claiming that Blizzard has begun revoking them from their accounts, leaving them with “orb debts”.

As spotted by PCGamesN, reports of orbs being revoked appeared on Reddit this week after users noticed their accounts were displaying a negative orb balance.

This means that in order to purchase any more legitimate orbs, players will first need to clear their outstanding debt.

Diablo Immortal | Season 2 Battle Pass

While purchasing orbs through third-party sellers is against the game’s terms of service, some players choose to do so because it’s cheaper than using the game’s official system.

Some users have claimed that accounts that don’t repay their orb debt after a certain period of time will be permanently disabled, and others are claiming that instead of receiving a debt, they’re instantly being banned.

In Diablo Immortal, orbs can be purchased in bundles priced at $0.99 for 60, $4.99 for 315, $9.99 for 630, $24.99 for 1950, $49.99 for 3450 and $99.99 for 7200. In comparison, third-party sites are offering 7200 orbs for between $30 and $50.

It’s unclear how these third-party sites are acquiring the orbs in the first place, as they’re only officially obtainable from the in-game store. Neither the game’s battle pass or its daily rewards provide the currency.

Blizzard claimed at the end of July that Diablo Immortal had been installed over 30 million times since its release for mobile and PC on June 2.

The mobile version of Diablo Immortal generated over $100 million in eight weeks, according to data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

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