Riot promotes Van Roon to head up its League Studios


Riot Games has named Andrei Van Roon (pictured) as the head of its League Studios.

In this position, he will be leading development on League of Legends, as well as Teamfight Tactics and mobile title Wild Rift moving forward, in addition to contributing to further IP strategy moving forward. Van Roon will be reporting into Riot co-founder and president of games, Marc Merrill.

Van Roon joined Riot Games 11 years ago, starting as an associate designer back in 2011. From there he has held champion designer, lead champion designer, core gameplay lead designer and design director for League of Legends. In 2019 he was promoted to game director for the MOBA.

“I’m really excited to take on this role and very grateful to Riot for the opportunity,” said Van Roon. “I’ve been a huge fan of League from closed beta onwards and have loved all the different ways I’ve had a chance to contribute to the game. I’m looking forward to supporting League in a new way while also getting a lot more involved with TFT and Wild Rift as we continue to attempt to deliver great experiences to players!”

Merrill added: “We’re thrilled to have Andrei overseeing all aspects of League Studios. Andrei joined Riot in 2011 and has held many different roles for League of Legends—a champion designer who created the likes of Ziggs, Varus, and Syndra, a Lead Gameplay Designer, a Game Director, and the VP of Game/Product Direction. His deep knowledge of League, proven success at Riot, and his great care for players and their experience make him an unbelievable fit for this role. We can’t wait to see what League Studios does next, and we know it’s in good hands under Andrei’s direction.”

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