MultiVersus tier list: Who to pick to win


In MultiVersus’ debut season, its meta is hardly set in stone. Player First Games is regularly deploying patches and hotfixes that shake up the power dynamic of its characters, including recent tweaks to Finn’s cheesy backpack attack. We’re sharing our tier list of its diverse 18-character roster, but expect these rankings to change regularly.

We’re also getting four new characters throughout the season, including two members of the Gremlins, a DC super, and Rick Sanchez. This list is written from the perspective of an average player, but high-level and professional play has been considered.

MultiVersus tier list Season 1


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Bugs Bunny
The king of cheese. Whether you’re climbing the top 30 leaderboards or floating in the mid-ranks like me, encountering a Bugs in 2v2 is scary, but predictable. The snarky wabbit has proven to be the most popular pick among the best MultiVersus players (opens in new tab) because he can do it all: smash your face up close with a bat, send screen-filling ACME rockets across the stage, punt airborne foes to the depths of cartoon hell, and summon pies at will. He’s the whole package, but probably not for long: his entire suite of air attacks got nerfed in the Season 1 patch (opens in new tab), and at this rate, more tweaks could follow.

The crowned prince of cheese. Finn is a lot less cerebral than Bugs, but that’s exactly what makes him dangerous. His sword gives his basic attacks longer reach than the numerous fist-punchers on the MultiVersus roster. He can also charge attacks while moving, useful for baiting out dodges from a nervous Superman no matter where he goes. And of course, spamming his high-priority, hard-hitting, easy-to-land backpack attack remains an easy technique.

Batman and Ultra Instinct Shaggy standing next to each other

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