Two Point Campus is two weeks old and already has a million players


University sim Two Point Campus has clocked up one million players in just a fortnight.

Publisher Sega said its “bags of charm and tongue-in-cheek comedy” means the hit management sim has “surpassed the milestone even faster than its much-loved predecessor, Two Point Hospital”.

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“Two Point Campus was such a thrill to create so we’re ecstatic to see so many people enjoying the game as much as they do!” said studio director, Mark Webley. “We had high hopes that we had created something that fans would love, but the response has exceeded all expectations! We’d like to send a massive thank you to all of the players out there who are showing support by building their wild and wonderful campuses – we can’t wait to see what more you’ll create.”

“We had big shoes to fill following the success of Two Point Hospital, so it feels particularly sweet to hit one million players even faster than before,” added another studio director, Gary Carr. “And this is just the beginning, just as we did with Hospital, we’ll be continuously supporting Campus with lots of quality of life updates and other features, plus we have lots of exciting new ideas and plans for the future of Two Point Campus, which we can’t wait to share with all of the players out there soon!”

Two Point Campus is out now on PC, PS4 and PS5, Switch, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It’s also included in the latter’s Xbox Game Pass library. Its predecessor, Two Point Hospital, is currently on sale, too, and is selling for 50 per cent off the recommended retail price on Steam.

“Having already proved their skill at management sims with Two Point Hospital, Developer Two Point Studios has taken a step up with Two Point Campus,” Ed wrote in his Two Point Campus review, which got a shiny Recommended badge.

“The systems are multiple, the customisation options deeper. But it’s the minute details and British jokes that bring this parody world to life. As the game’s tannoy announcements constantly note: ‘Students are reminded to find themselves’. Putting the jokes aside, Two Point’s latest truly captures that.”

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