Wizards of the Coast apologizes for and removes racist elements of Spelljammer


In August, Wizards of the Coast published Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, an updated version of a Dungeons & Dragons setting released in the 1980s that blends science fiction with fantasy. This week, its description of flying monkey-people called hadozee was criticized online (opens in new tab) for resembling various racist stereotypes. Portrayals of Black people as monkeys or apes have a long history (opens in new tab) and are the source of things like the monkey chanting (opens in new tab) regularly directed at Black players during football and cricket matches around the world, so similarities between the hadozee and aspects of real-world bigotry were bound to be closely scrutinized.

Wizards of the Coast, which previously announced its intent to move D&D away from racial stereotypes by doing away with biological essentialism, removing text that echoes real-world stereotypes, and working with sensitivity readers, has now apologized (opens in new tab). The full text of its statement is below: 

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