【StepMania】 Whalery's Hololive #2 Pad Pack Launch Trailer


Whalery’s Hololive #2 Pad Pack is available to download now!

Full download:
Cloud folder:

After the first pack, I thought I could finish this project much more quickly. Turn out it took me almost a year to ultimately finish it.

Stem from the previous design, most of the songs in here are the cut version since I want to set the length fitting in to play in the rhythm game length. The pack contains 30 Hololive original songs, less than the usual for about half, and each simfile consists of 4 difficulties.

I doubted myself how much I could go on any further in this post-recovery career, but regardless of the outcome, I’m still happy with what I did. I’m grateful to anyone who decided to come by and play my simfiles.

Let’s go!



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