There was a TikTok Android app exploit that let hackers hijack accounts with one click


Don’t freak out, as it’s long resolved now, but Android users should really think twice before clicking any links in the TikTok app after security flaws were found and reported that made it ridiculously easy to steal others accounts with a simple link. While it’s been addressed for now, it’s always good internet security advice to not go clicking unknown links and with an exploit this simple it’s a good idea to be ever vigilant out there.

According to BleepingComputer, (opens in new tab) Microsoft reported the flaw to TikTok back in February but given the potential severity, it’s not too surprising we aren’t hearing about it until now. With a well crafted malicious link, reportedly more than 70 JavaScript methods could be used to get access to the app’s webview, only used by the Android app. 

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