What we can do to make our PCs kinder on our energy bills


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This article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 373 in September 2022, as part of our ‘Tech Report’ series. Every month we explore and explain the latest technological advances in computingfrom the wonderful to the truly weird—with help from the scientists, researchers, and engineers making it all happen.  

As it turns out, we’ve been burning quite a lot of gas to make electricity. About 29% of our gas is used for generating it here in the UK. Also, 3% of all the gas we consume here comes from Russia, and since Russia invaded Ukraine that supply line’s been compromised. That happened during a period of soaring wholesale costs for energy sources created by sudden post-pandemic demand, and as a result it now costs about £10,000 to boil a kettle. 

We just have to laugh, otherwise we’d cry. The cost of living crisis is real, and let’s not be so flippant as to suggest that running a gaming PC is among the chief concerns it creates, but let’s also keep in mind that PC gamers are a broad group with varied financial backgrounds. In fact the only thing we all have in common in that regard is that we’d prefer to pay less for our expanding energy bills. 

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