Codebreaker Clash (Skillz Game Preview – Play For Cash or Fun)


This is a video of a sample round being played by me on the Skillz game: “Codebreaker Clash”. This particular game is a modern version of the classic board game “Mastermind”. The player attempts to guess a code comprised of 3 colored cubes. After each guess, the player is told how many colors they got correct and how many they got both correct and in the correct order in the answer. The player continues to guess, basing subsequent guesses on the information received from previous guesses until they correctly identify the combination. The player tries to identify as many combinations as possible before time runs out. At the end of the game, the score is matched against that of an opponents in a head-to-head competition against players from across the globe for cash and prizes. This is actually a really fun logic game and I highly recommend it.

Games in the Skillz network can be played against opponents for free or for cash (age and location-based restrictions may apply). Additionally, all games played, both for free and for cash, earn tickets that can be accumulated and redeemed for cash, gift cards and prizes. Players are matched against opponents at a similar skill level to keep the games competitive and fair. Game can be found at: and game categories include: Action, Arcade, Bingo, Board, Bubble, Card, Chess, Dominoes, Mahjong, Pool, Puzzle, Solitaire, Spades, Sports, Strategy, Sudoku, Trivia and Word. With hundreds of games to choose from, the fun never ends.

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I decided to make this video of my playing a match to provide a preview of the game for players looking for new Skillz games to play, so they can see exactly what to expect without having to download each game themselves, just to try it out. I intend to create and post sample match videos for each and every one of the hundreds of games Skillz has to offer, in the weeks and months to come.

I am in no way paid by, employed by, or associated with Skillz, but am merely a fan of the platform and frequent player of several of the games.

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