Indie Retro News: Crap Box 13 – 14


Something slightly different for this evenings entertainment other than all the retro games I’ve been writing about, as if you’re looking to load up some damn fine tunes on your Commodore Amiga, then it might be worth checking out the latest double release of Crap Box 13 and Crap Box 14, by bifat [code, compilation], nero [graphics] and sLASH_1 [music]. Yes indeed its time to turn those speakers right up, as both of these releases are sure to feature lots of great tunes that will sounded banging on any Amiga.

Although Crap Box features great tunes such as Hopscotch, Comp Phil, Salty Water, Primer and Talking Heads, from what people have said via the Pouet website, is this is one hell of a good demo pack that many people should load up right now. I mean seriously just check out the feedback from these fine retro sceners…. ” I normally don’t enjoy compilations, but these find their way into my amiga mysteriously!” and “Excellent again! Nice intros and nice party report from Atwoods, seems like a real good time again :)”. 

Links :1) Crap Box 13 2) Crap Box 14

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