How do you Review a Video Game Sequel?


Reviewing games objectively is always challenging, because a reviewer has always preferences, interests, and a different background from others. This latter point is important especially when it comes to sequeles; there are 30 year long series that a reviewer has not played, how does he or she tackles reviewing a sequel? This is a very important question to answer since the more time goes and the less is likely for a person to pick up an play dozen of games from a series before reviewing the latest entry. Do you need to play 14 Final Fantasy’s to review the latest one, do you need to play ten Drago Quest games before reviewing Dragon Quest 11? Do you need to play the first Fallout to review Fallout 4? In today’s video I hope to teach and explain how someone can review a game sequel both if he or she played the prequels or not.

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0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Problem Definition
2:37 – How to review
6:10 – Final Reflections

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