Dread Hunger studio Digital Confectioners receives Tencent investment


Tech and entertainment giant Tencent has invested in New Zealand’s Digital Confectioners.

No figure has been placed on the deal, which sees the Chinese behemoth take a minority stake in the company. Digital Confectioners is the studio behind multiplayer survival game Dread Hunger.

The studio’s director James Tan has emphasised that Tencent’s investment will not change how it works, but rather will help the developer “achieve newer heights”.

“Our earlier success with Depth got us a foot in the door. Then our success with Dread Hunger really just proved what we’re capable of,” he said.

“Tencent provided us with insights into the China market and how Dread Hunger hit the mark with players seeking a higher skill-cap gameplay compared to other social deception titles,

“We’re excited to see where this takes us and what it can enable us to do in future.

“It’s a huge step forward – allowing us to work on two new projects, as well as explore ways for the company to grow and evolve.”

Tencent recently snapped up PlayStation veteran Shawn Layden as a strategic advisor. The company also invested in Slovenia’s Triternion earlier this month and has taken a stake in the Guillemot Brothers Ltd.

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