Indie Retro News: DRIFT! 2K22


ZOSYA entertainment have made some incredible ZX Spectrum games throughout the years, games such as Drift!, Valley of Rains, Travel Through Time Volume 1, Angels and even the latest Adventure game of Don Quixot for the 16k and above. Well here we are with another announcement from this homebrew creator, as they have released a rather large improvement to their 2019 ZX Spectrum game DRIFT;  a seriously cool looking game whereby the aim is to drift around a set amount of laps for a high score.

Yes indeed welcome to another awesome release from Zosya Entertainment, a game that doesn’t just feature 6 cars, 9 stages, three-dimensional tracks and 360-degree panoramas in which you must fight in a championship with 16 rivals in two classes. But realistic engine sounds, real-life geolocation, damage and car repair, switchable dynamic shadow, choice between right-hand and left-hand drive, a completely new loading screen and final cut, changes in the car physics, visual and audio FX, a new faster loading experience and more from the download link below….Phew!

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