Call of Duty’s monstrous UI has reached its final form


With preloads for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 and DMZ now available, we can finally get a clearer view of the new interface to facilitate access between the different game modes, and it’s horrendous.

Here’s how it works. The Modern Warfare 2 launcher will serve as the all-encompassing interface to access Modern Warfare 2, DMZ and Warzone 2.0.

This is known as “Call of Duty HQ” and is presented with the same Netflixy style of tile interface courtesy of Infinity Ward’s director of UX/UI William Faler who previously served the same role at Hulu.

The integration of Warzone into Modern Warfare has been a contentious issue amongst fans.

Perhaps most interestingly, the new menu reveals that DMZ will be a part of Warzone rather than a game in its own right, and that its releasing as a beta. Does that mean we should expect bugs and weird quirks?

Finally, we need to talk about that we need to talk about that cover image, enhanced below, showcasing Warzone 2.0.


What on earth is going on? Why is that man staring into my soul? Why is he holding his hand out like that while giving me that look? And why is that woman giving me the side-eye? What exactly are we dropping into?

I’ll leave your imagination to wonder, but the image has meme worthy potential as much as Ghost’s stare of disappointment.

Ghostly stare.

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