Huge HD mod for Batman Arkham City enhances more than 1,000 textures


If you’re thinking of starting a replay of the Arkham series in honor of Kevin Conroy, or just to fill the Batman-shaped gap left by Gotham Knights, there are a couple of things you’ll want to download in advance. First you should grab Asylum Reborn (opens in new tab), an HD texture pack for Arkham Asylum created by GPUnity and Neato in 2017, and now you can follow it with Arkham City Redux (opens in new tab), a brand new texture pack and advanced launcher for its sequel Arkham City, made by the same dynamic duo and available now.

In addition to updating over 1,000 textures with a combination of AI-upscaled and hand-drawn replacements, Arkham City Redux adds FOV sliders, improves the tessellation quality and distance, and improves the shadow quality. That jagged shadow along on Bruce’s neck? It’s been smoothed out at last.

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