RimWorld modders are making their own colony sim with real-time tactics combat


The makers of the popular RimWorld mod Combat Extended (opens in new tab) have formed a studio, Vivid Storm Interactive, and have been hard at work making their own game. Ascent of Ashes (opens in new tab) is a colony sim set on an alien planet where you can build a base, grow crops, tame alien creatures, explore a procedurally generated post-apocalyptic landscape, and salvage technology to beef up your defenses. 

Along with growing and managing your colony on a hostile alien world, you’ll engage in real-time tactics combat, a lot of which you can see in the reveal trailer above. Despite being real-time with pause, it’s got a definite XCOM feel to it as you draw a path to guide your warriors in and out of cover, rush attackers for close-range or flanking shots, and throw grenades. 

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