It’s not just you: spam is back


Hello. Are you looking for a part-time job to supplement your income? Or perhaps you’re sick to the back teeth of spam messages formatted exactly like this one? After living through an era of relative peace and quiet—at least as far as our inboxes were concerned—filth has begun to bubble up from the sewers and run openly through our communication channels again. Emails, texts, social media DMs, even outright phone calls: malicious and maddening messages are on the rise, soaking up valuable brain space with their nonsense. 

Brian Honan, who provides advice on cybersecurity as CEO of the Dublin firm BH Consulting, has a few theories as to why spam is making an unwanted comeback. “I think it’s been numerous drivers,” he tells me. “The first one is the natural evolution of technology. We have become more and more reliant and engaged in the online world. That was happening anyway, but it was accelerated by the pandemic.” 

Plague of spam

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